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Jaipur - Abhaneri Step Well - Jaipur

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  • Jaipur Pink City

  • Samode Samode Palace, Samode Haveli

Tour 02: Jaipur – Abhaneri Step Well – Jaipur -----

Abhaneri is a small village which situated in the Dausa district in Rajasthan. This place is located at 95km away from jaipur. This village is known for Harshat Mata temple which belongs to the 9th century. Only some portions of the ancient Harshat Mata temple remains now such as the sanctuary walls, fore chamber and the terrace. The sanctum and shorn of this ancient structure is enclosed with an ambulatory.

The walls of the ancient shrine are carved with the images of the deities. The worn out images of the deities indicate that the shrine was originally dedicated to the creator of Hindu trinity, lord Vishnu. The columns and walls of the temple are adorned with various scenes of music, sport, and dance and also love. A few of the panels of the temple have been shifted to amber and central museum, archaeological museum of jaipur.

Near to the Harshat Mata shrine is the step well Chand Baoli, which belongs to the 11the century AD. This step well is considered to be one of the most beautiful step wells of India. It is considered to be one amongst the deepest and largest step well of India. Chand baoli is a unique invention of Abhaneri. These Baolis are not an ordinary structure, they were wonders of architecture. The Chand Baoli has panels that are beautifully carved and inserted in to the sides.

The stoned carved pillars were very strong in the past and were once used to support the pulleys for the purpose of drawing water. In the surrounding of this beautifully carved step well are several storeyed verandahs.