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  • State:

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  • Average high temprature °C (°F):

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  • 1156

  • Rawal Jaisal

  • Rajasthan

  • 26.55 N, 70.54 E

  • 38,401 square kilometres

  • 6.7 lac

  • 33.96 (93.13)

  • 19.17 (66.5)

  • October - March

About Jaisalmer

When Rajasthan tourism is considered the discussion is incomplete without Jaisalmer. The beauty of this place is always remembered when it comes to Rajasthan. This place is also known as "The Jewel of Desert". It is also famous for sand dunes also offering enjoyable as well as unforgettable camel safaris. There are innumerable stunning attractions at this place and it is well known for palaces, forts, monuments, temples, forts, rich culture as well as tradition. All these attractions are worth visiting.


How to reach Jaisalmer